Frequently asked questions

How do the tubs get cleans after clients have used them?

Our tubs are cleaned between clients by the staff and the tub itself. The tub is designed to ensure no water goes through a jet system, only air, thus maintaining a more sterile environment. Our staff also utilize surface cleaning products to ensure the tub and chair are effectively cleaned between clients.

How does Jenuine Care ensure their enviroment is clean?

Jenuine Care prides themselves in proper sterilization, as per ministry standards, to ensure clients are not at risk for contracting bacterial and/or blood born illnesses. Their staff utilize an autoclave unit to ensure all equipment is effectively sterilized between clients. They do so by including biological spore tests and chemical indicator temperature strips with every load of tools they run. These quality control based resources, along with their experience in the field of nursing, act to ensure a safe and cleansly environment for all clientele. Please ask your nurse if you have any further questions during your next visit.