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A Hands-On Program To Help You Grow Into An High Demand Advanced Foot Care Nurse 

Start working in long term care home

Make More Money

Have a wide spectrum of clients


Download The Program Overview

Download and read how you can become an advance foot care nurse and earn more money.


Founder and CEO of Jenuine Care Inc

Meet your instructor

Learn From Jennifer Budd - Costa

Jennifer Budd Costa, the founder of Jenuine Care Inc, graduated as a Registered Practical Nurse in 1997. Jennifer’s varied experience in the field of nursing, including surgical, medical, oncology, and mental health, has shaped her into the professional she is today.

Over the past 20 years, she has created an environment inspired by compassion and diversity. Jennifer has always believed in a business that is driven by her love for people, in addition to her dedication and work ethic, which she instills in her staff.

What You Will Learn

The Course

  • How to find this office?
    Driving : Refer to directions provided by Parking: We recommend our clients park in front of the building for less of a walk. However, if there is no parking avavilbe, there parking spaces available behind the building.
  • Stages Of Care
    You will learn Stages of Care Differences Between the Clinical & Long Term Care Environment
  • Introduction & Terminology
    You will learn Why Feet are Important? The Advanced Foot Care Nurse Scope of Practice/Competencies
  • Conditions Of The Foot
    You will Learn Causes of the Foot Condition Signs and Symptoms Treatment Options
  • Charting & Complementary Therapies
    You will Learn Developing a Blanket Statement Subjective & Objective Data Assessing the Client Developing a Plan Complimentary Therapies
  • Equipment Cleaning & Sterilization
    You will Learn Foot Care Equipment PPE In the LTC Home Cleaning Equipment Sterilization Equipment Helpful Links
  • Caring For The Feet
    You will learn Do’s and Don’ts of Foot Care, Appropriate Footwear, Products for the Feet, Recommendations for the Client Click the "Manage Questions" button Click on the question you would like to attach a picture to When editing your answer, click on the picture icon and then add an image from your library
  • Conditions Of The Nail
    You will Learn Causes of the Nail Condition Signs and Symptoms Treatment Options

Other Students

Students Who Have Taken
The Course

Mary Gatschene RN

Very professionally done!

I found the hands-on learning in the foot care course offered through Jenuine Care Inc. 

very professionally done. I have a much greater knowledge base through one on one learning from experienced and dedicated instructors.

A Future Investment For You

One Time payment

Payment via email etransfer or with card info.


Custom Payments

2 separate certified post dated cheques

How It Works


Get on the Waitlist or call us at 



We will set up your payment method and inform you of the date for the first hands-on training.


Become an Advanced Foot Care Nurse with Jenn

Gain New Opportunities

  1. Advancements in the healthcare field as a specialized nurse.

  2. Gives clients the opportunity to have one-on-one care the an advanced foot care nurse, looking at the client’s needs and overall lifestyle.

  3. Provide care to a variety of clients, including long-term care facilities, hospitals, and community residents.   


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